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We wrote and photographed a lot of stuff so far. We keep doing it. Everything is collected here.

A little disclaimer, before you start reading. You will not find academic dissertations about technical and electronic sophistications. You will not find enthusiastic reports about incredible 0-to-100 performances, nor about the last astonishing Nurburgring record. You will absolutely not find disguised advetrising in the form of articles: there are plenty of specialized magazines or trendy influencers for that.

Instead you will find nice pictures (we hope) along true words, telling the emotions we felt about the cars and the stories we encountered. Enjoy.


February 2021. One year after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are in the yellow zone and the days are flat. We finish our jobs, try some errands and then straight home for dinner. Go out? No, after 10 pm there is no possibility of any movement. Little by little we resign ourselves to getting used to this oppressive routine … I haven’t photographed a car for almost a month.


The last mist from the night floats around the rocky mountainsides in Val Poschiavo, Graubünden canton, Switzerland.
It’s six o’clock in the morning, one more hour and the Hauptstrasse 29 will be closed to regular traffic. I drink a sip of coffee while from the cockpit still warm I watch the sky brightening up…


Are you ready? Here they are, all our articles. Sit back and read, Soulful Driver!


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