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Porsche 962 Suzuka 1985


The Advan Porsche 962C, the car that allowed the Japanes legend Kunimitsu Takahashi to win three times in a row the JSPC.

Original artwork, exclusively for The Soulful Driver

Fine-Art print, Limited Edition*

Frame not included


6 in stock



Limited Edition Fine-Art print*. The production process uses a high precision plotter and 12 colors, being able to reproduce a wide tonal range, preserving details in shadows and lights. The paper used is Hahnemühle® Photo Matt Fibre 200 (200g/sqm), characterized by a matte finish, hand-made from α-cellulose and coated with a specific coating for inkjet printing.

• size: 50×70 cm
• print run: 10 copies

Each prints is numbered, hand signed and certified with the TSD stamp.

Frame not included.

*There will not be any re-issue: once a design is sold-out, it is gone.



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